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PHP POS Payments Premium Setup

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PHP POS Premium is a great payment processing with high end devices that lets you easily integrate payments with your system. The breakdown below tells you how to get set up.

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Sign Up

First, sign up with PHP POS Payments Premium. You can sign up here. Once you have signed up, you’ll receive an enrollment letter with all of the information you need.

Hardware Setup and Software Installation

The letter you received on enrollment will detail how to download the PHP POS Payments software.

The hardware will be mailed to you. The only hardware requirements are setting up your new card reader with a power source, internet source, and your PHP POS software device.

Information about setting your reader up with internet access can be found below:

Configure PHP POS

Once you have the hardware set up and software installed, it’s time to configure PHP POS to communicate with the reader.

Login to PHP POS and navigate to Locations in the left menu.

Click to Edit the location you want to set the new credit card processor for.

Scroll down to check the box for Enable Credit card Processing. A dropdown will appear below, click to select PHP POS Payments Premium In the fields below, fill out the following information from your PHP POS Payments software set up:

  • PHP POS Payments API Key
  • PHP POS Payments Bearer Token
  • PHP POS Payments Signing Key

Note: This information will be provided to you by PHP POS when signing up.


Screenshot 2024-06-26 at 9.48.45 AM.png

Once you have added all the verification information, add the Terminal ID for the appropriate register.


If you have questions or need help setting up the reader, call 1-800-827-7059.


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