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CardConnect Credit Card Processing Setup

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Required Hardware

The required hardware to read cards will be provided by card connect. They will determine the machine you will need to process cards.

Upon signup with CardConnect you will receive an enrollment letter with the information you need. Once you have this information; follow the steps below to get setup with processing credit cards!

Configuring PHP Point Of Sale

Now that you have installed the required software for working with the credit card terminal; you must now configure PHP POS to communicate with the reader. Below are the steps

  1. Open PHP Point Of Sale and login to the system
  2. Click the locations module on the left side of the screen (navigation)
  3. Click “Edit” next to the location you want to setup credit card processing for.
  4. On this screen check the box “Enable Credit Card Processing”
  5. Change Credit card Processor to CardConnect
  6. Type in your merchant id exactly
  7. Put the value in for HSN (for each register; value is on terminal screen), Rest Username and Rest Password

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