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Vantiv EMV IP Tran Cloud Setup

Chris Muench
Chris Muench


The IP Tran Cloud device connects to your networks router and then the credit card terminal connects to that.

This allows you to process transactions from any device on the network. (iPad, tablet, computer)


Connecting devices

The first step is to connect the power cable to the IP Tran Device. Then connect an ethernet table to the device and router. The thrid step is to connect a serial cable between the IP Tran Device and Credit card machine. The finally a power cable from your credit card machine to the outlet.

Once this is all connected you are ready to configure php point ofsale


Configuring PHP Point Of Sale

Login to php pos and click the Locations module and then edit on your location you would like to setup.

Enable credit card processing and put in your IP Tran Device ID as provided with device. You should NOT put in a merchant id unless specifically told to do so by vantiv.


Click "Initialize Credit card Reader". This can take a couple of minutes. You are now ready to process cards

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