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Heartland Credit Card Processing Setup

Chris Muench
Chris Muench

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Required Hardware

The required hardware to read cards is the ipp320

NOTE: Heartland (ipp320) credit card equipment cannot be purchased through our hardware vendor POS Portal. Please contact Hearland for more info.

Upon signup with EVO you will receive an enrollment letter with the information you need. Once you have this information; follow the steps below to get setup with processing credit cards!


Install Required Software

PHP Point Of Sale requires 3 pieces of software be installed in order to accept credit cards. We have created an installer that bundles the required software into a simple to use installer. Below are the steps to use our installer.

  1. Download the installer at This will install all required software on your windows machine.

  2. After downloading installer, double click the executable and follow the on screen instructions. The default values will almost never needed to be changed

  3. After installing you will need to restart computer

  4. After restarting computer; the software downloaded with launch automatically. You will need to configure the software as stated below. NOTE: This software must ALWAYS be running to use credit card processing

The 3 pieces of software that were installed are:

  1. Device driver for VX 805 terminal

  2. Datacap dsiPDCX/dsiEMVUS Listener; (this is used to communicate with Heartland)

  3. Datacap NETePay client; (this is also used to communicate with Heartland)


Setup NETePay Software

There are three steps that must be done to prepare the NETePay for processing transactions (each step is explained below):

  1. Launch NETePay Software
  2. Setup NETePay, and
  3. Retrieve the merchant parameters.

For Step 2, you will need your DeploymentID which will be provided to you by our technical support department.

  • A working internet connection is required for this process
  • Firewalls should accept traffic on port 9000

Launch/Open NETePay

  • If not already open; double click NETePay icon on your Desktop

Setup NETePay

  1. On the first program launch after installation, NETePay will prompt to obtain a serial number over the Internet from Datacap’s PSCS (Payment Systems Configuration Server) system. When NETePay detects that a serial number is required, it presents the following dialog:
  2. Click Obtain Serial Number.

The dialog contains the 10-digit serial number that was automatically assigned to NETePay.

Click OK and a new dialog box will appear: This dialog box indicates that NETePay has not yet retrieved merchant parameters from Datacap’s PSCS server. It cannot operate until these parameters are downloaded. Click OK and you will be returned to the NETePay main status window.

If a parameter file has been created on Datacap’s PSCS server by Heartland for the merchant account proceed to step 3, Retrieve Merchant Parameters below. If a DeploymentID has NOT been received by Heartland, contact our technical support to create the merchant parameters.

Retrieve the Merchant Parameters

  1. Select Merchant Parameters from the Setup drop down menu.
  2. Click Load New Parameters, and on the following screen click Yes.
  3. A new screen displays. Click I have my DeploymentID. (This was provided to you by Heartland Technical Support):
  4. In the dialog box that displays; enter the Deployment ID you received from Heartland’s technical support, then click OK.
  5. NETePay will display a screen with merchant demographic data for you to verify as follows:
    • If the displayed information is not correct for the merchant site, click Cancel and retry entry from the beginning of Step 3.
    • If the displayed information correctly identifies the merchant site, click Yes, This is the Correct Merchant.
  6. If NETePay successfully retrieves the parameters associated with the entered Deployment ID from the PSCS server, you will see the following dialog box: Click OK. You will be brought back to the Setup Merchant Parameters screen.
  7. Click OK. You will return to the main status window. This indicates that your NETePay is ready to process transactions. Setup is complete.

Configuring PHP Point Of Sale

Now that you have installed the required software for working with the credit card terminal; you must now configure PHP POS to communicate with the reader. Below are the steps

  1. Open PHP Point Of Sale and login to the system
  2. Click the locations module on the left side of the screen (navigation)
  3. Click “Edit” next to the location you want to setup credit card processing for.
  4. On this screen check the box “Enable Credit Card Processing”
  5. Change Credit card Processor to Heartland
  6. Type in your merchant exactly as shown on this setup sheet (at the top)
  7. Put the value in for COM port and Listener Port. The default values are almost always correct
  8. Click “Initialize credit card reader” This could take up to 1-2 minutes

You are now ready to process credit card transactions!

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