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Chris Muench
Chris Muench

Required Hardware

The required hardware to read cards is Magtek 21040108 Card reader. It is recommend that you purchase this model to guarantee swipes will work.

The first step in setting up PHP POS for credit card processing with Braintree is to apply for an account on their website.


Braintree Dashboard

After signup up for an account you will then need to get 2 pieces of information that need to be put in PHP POS. Both of these values can be obtained by logging into Braintree's dashboard.

  1. Logging into Braintree's dashboard

  2. Click Account

  3. Click My User

  4. Click API Keys, Tokenization Keys, Encryption Keys

From here you will need to generate an API key (if you don't already have one). The 3 pieces of information you will need are:

  • Public Key
  • Private Key
  • Merchant ID (Obtained by clicking the API Key)
  1. Copy these 3 values down and then you are ready to configure PHP Point Of Sale.

Locations Module Settings

Now you can login to PHP POS and click the "Locations Module". You can then click edit for the location(s) you want to set up processing for. Scroll down and check the box "Enable Credit Card Processing". Then choose Credit Card Processor as Braintree and paste in the value from previous step.

Now you are ready to process cards with Braintree. You would just need to use the credit card payment type and hook up your swiper and it will be very easy to process cards.

You are now ready to process credit card transactions!

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