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Mercury/Vantiv Hosted Checkout

Chris Muench
Chris Muench

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800-846-4472 (Sales & Service)
866-622-2390 (Tech Support)

Required Hardware

The required hardware to read cards is Magtek 21040108 Card reader.

Mercury/Vantiv Portal

Mercury/Vantiv has an Online Portal for you to manage your account. You will need to set this account up, generate a password, and enter it in the PHP POS system settings.

Your online account will also be your portal to real-time access to your statements, transactions, customer care, technical support, account settings and tools.

You can:

  • See monthly statements (read “Decoding Your Statements” for more information)
  • Review full transaction history
  • View transaction batch totals by date, card type, and more!
  • Check on transactions at one store or an entire chain

Log into Vantiv Integrated Payments and Generate Password

  1. Mercury/Vantiv will email you a welcome letter.

  2. Go to

  1. Sign in
    User ID: provided in welcome email
    Password: you should have received in a separate email.

  2. Select “Account Settings”

  3. Under “Hosted Checkout Password Management” select the terminal for which you want to obtain a password and click “Continue.”

  1. Select “Generate Password”


Be sure to click “Save” at the bottom after generating the Hosted Checkout Password


Copy and paste the Hosted Checkout Password to the Configuration Files in PHP POS.

  1. Go to Locations View and Click edit next to the location you are setting up:

Click "Edit" next to the location

  1. Scroll down to the "Enable Credit Card Processing" Option

Do the following:

  • Check the checkbox next to "Enable Credit Card Processing"
  • Enter Merchant ID
  • Enter Generated Password

Enter "Merchant ID" and "Generated Password"

  1. Don't forget to click "Submit"

You are now ready to process credit card transactions!

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