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Printing Item Labels

Chris Muench
Chris Muench
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There are several areas of the application that allow you to print labels for items.


Printing Labels for a Receiving

You can complete a receiving transaction by following the steps outlined in:
Managing Stock/Inventory

Once you finish the transaction you will see this screen:


Click "Barcode Sheet" to print on Avery Label sheets:


Barcode Sheet

OR Click "Barcode Labels" to print with a label printer:


Label Printer


Printing Labels from Items or Item Kits View

With PHP POS you can easily print item labels.

  1. To print item labels navigate to the items or item kits view.
  1. Search for the specific items you want to print labels for

Include Child Categories When Searching Or Reporting

It may be useful to enable this feature in store config.

See Store Configuration Options

  1. Select them by checking the checkbox next to the items. Optionally you can select all items for a search result by clicking "inventory items for current search"

Click Barcode sheet if you are using 8.5x11 inch paper stock. Select Barcode Labels if you are using a label printer. See Hardware Page


Barcode Sheet

4a. Select the number of labels to skip if you are reusing a label sheet.

New Feature

"Select the number of labels to skip" is a new feature for 15.1


5a. Print Labels


Barcode Labels

4b. Print Zebra LP Labels


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