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Chris Muench
Chris Muench
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When you navigate to the main appointments page, you can view all appointments in a list view.

Sometimes you may want to see the appointments more visually on a calendar. To do this, select Calendar in the top right corner.

By default, the calendar will open to the current month’s view. In the top right, you have the option to select how much time displays at once. You can choose to view an entire month, view one week, or view an individual day.

The start and end times of an appointment will display on the calendar days. To view more information about the appointment or edit information on it, click on the appointment times.

For more information on editing appointments see the section on how to Edit an Appointment.

To move between months, weeks and days, utilize the right and left arrows in the top left of the calendar view.

 To return to the normal list view of appointments, click the left arrow in the top right of the page.


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