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Using Printer (Inkjet/Laser)

You can print barcodes from inkjet and laser printer using Avery 8160 (inkjet) or Avery 5160 (laser) paper.


Using Label Printer

We support the Zebra Thermal ZD410 USB/Ethernet Barcode Printer using 2"x1" labels
If you are using a Mac you will need to also purchase a 3rd party driver from the Penisula Group.


Using Barcode Scale


An example of a Scale Barcode Printer

You can set up any barcode scale to print barcode labels outside of the application. In order for the system to recognize the format of the barcodes you must specify the format.

  1. Go to store configuration and search for scale

Search for "Scale"

  1. Check "enable scale" and select the UPC format you need as well as the divide by for price.

If you are not sure what format your barcode printer uses consult the manual. Here is a format guide to help you understand how the numbering works:


Format Options

Here is a table describing each digit in a given format:


The "Price divide by" field determines where to place the decimal in a price.


divide by

For example:

The barcode has the item number and pricing encoded in it after printing. If you want to sell meat by KG; you would need to make an item called “1 KG Meat” Then set the price of an item for 1 KG.

When you weigh the meat; the barcode will derive the quantity from the barcode having the price in it.

For example if you were doing UPC-12 4 price digits this gives you 5 digits for UPC and 4 digits for Price

item number:

100.00 per kg


S and C can be whatever you want and most barcode scales will do this for you


Divide By would be 10


Adding a Price Embedded Barcode

to add a price embedded barcode that was generated from a barcode printing scale to an item you would only specify the digits that are specified as "I" in the table above.

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