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Adding Suppliers to Receiving

Chris Muench
Chris Muench
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PHP POS allows you to associate suppliers with receivings in order to help you keep accurate records of your inventory and finances. Adding a supplier and managing the supplier on a receiving can be done with a few clicks.

Either to the right of the item list or below the item list, you will see a section where you can add a supplier. Click inside the Type supplier’s name… field and matching suppliers will show in the dropdown to select.

If you need to create a new supplier, simply click the + sign next to the field.

This will bring you to a page to create a new supplier. For more information on creating suppliers see the documentation here.

You will have the option to add internal notes to a supplier in case there are special instructions when working with the company. Click Update Supplier in order to keep any added notes.

To remove a supplier from a return, simply click Detach below the supplier name.


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