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Item Expiration

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Many types of business have items that expire and need to know when that is going to happen.

PHP Point Of Sale makes this easy to track.

The first step to tracking this is to set the "Days To Expiration" field for an item. This is the number of days that this item usually expires in. Once that is set; you are ready to start tracking expiration.

See Items for how to edit an Item and enter a value for "Days To Expiration"


add Days to Expiration for an Item

How to Create a Receiving Transaction

See Managing Stock/Inventory for how to do a receiving transaction.

Expiration is tracked via the Receivings module. When you receive an item that has the Days to Expiration set it will default the expiration date X number of days from today. You can change this during the receiving or keep the default.


changing exp date

Once you have received the item; The expiration dates are recorded for each item received.

To find out items that are expiring; you simply run the Reports --> Inventory --> Expiring Items Report". You can pick a date range to see the items that expire between that range. It will tell you how many of an item expires and the date it expires on.


Example report

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