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Order Estimates Basics

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Order Estimates are part of the sales feature of PHP POS, they let you ring up items for a sale so that you can see what the total cost for the items would be without having to complete the sale. Sometimes customers may want an idea of how much items will cost to bring back for approval from a boss before completing a sale.

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Starting an Estimate

Navigate to the Sales main feature page.

You may have to select a register if your store location has more than one, see the documentation here for information on selecting registers.

Once you are on the sales main page, click the Sale button near the search bar and select Estimate in the dropdown.


Once you have started an estimate, add items, customer information, discounts, and tax information the same way you would a normal sale. See here for more information on sales basics.

If you add payment information and select Complete Sale, then you will have turned your estimate into a normal sale.

Save an Estimate

If you want to keep an estimate on record to later complete a sale, click the Suspend Sale button above the customer information section and select Estimate. This will treat the estimate like a suspended sale, for more information on suspended sales, see the documentation here.


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