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Work Orders Basics

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Work orders can be used by your business to keep track of item repairs for your customers. With our work orders feature you can keep track of the cost of repairs, the due date of repairs, and any special notes that technicians need to keep in mind when working with a customer's item. All work orders create a sale and can be tracked and run on sales reports.

An example use case for work orders would be a cell phone shop that offers repairs as a service or a sports company that offers a warranty on items like tennis racquets or other equipment should it break after use.

The work orders feature can be found scrolling down the left menu:


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Create a New Work Order

With our new update, you can create a work order for multiple items at one time!

To create a new work order, navigate to the Work Orders main feature page.

Once the page opens, click the + New Work Order button in the top right.

This opens the New Work Order page where you can enter the required information. There are two required fields for starting a work order, the customer the work order is for and the items being repaired.


Customer Field

Type the customer’s name and select them from the dropdown. If this is a new customer just using your repair service you can jump to the customer creation screen by clicking the blue icon next to the customer search field. More information about customer creation can be found here.


Item Being Repaired

Type an item name or scan an item barcode to populate the item for repair. If the item is not sold in your store, you can quickly add a new item by clicking the blue paper and pencil icon next to the item search field. More information about item creation can be found here.

You can add multiple items to the work order, they’ll all be listed below. To remove an item, hit the x to the right of the name. 


Click Save to create your work order. 

Once you have created your work order you will see all the additional fields that you can fill out to keep a record of all work order details.



This drop-down allows you to assign one of your employees to the work order.



Estimated Repair Date

Here you can set an estimated time and date for the repairs so that your customer knows when to expect their item. This information will print on the Sales Receipt and Work Order Receipt. Click in the field to select the date and time, for more information on the calendar and clock feature see the documentation here.



Repair Items

This is where you can see all the items that are part of the work order. Click the Warranty Repair box to record if the work order is covered by item warranties.


Underneath this section you can modify repair items. To remove an item from the work order hit the red x to the left of the name. To add an additional item, just enter the item name or scan the barcode.You can edit the Quantity and Price of repair items by clicking the blue value. 


You can add an employee name in the Approved by and Assigned to columns by clicking None and selecting a name from the dropdown. This can help you keep track of who is working on a work order!




Here is where you can record the dollar amounts of how much you believe labor and parts may cost you. This will not show on the Work Order Receipt or the Sales receipt, it is solely for your reference and viewing.




Here you can attach any images of the items in need of repair. Multiple images can be added here, simply drag and drop an image or click to upload.



Here you can attach files of any type that you need to a work order such as PDF receipts. Click Choose File to upload files from your device.



Here important notes about interactions with a customer or things to know about the repair can be recorded. Please note that unless a note is marked as Internal it will print on the Work Order Receipt. No notes will print on the Sales Receipt.

To create a note, write your message in the Detailed Note section. When you’re done, you have the option to select the Location of the items in the work order. Click and select the correct spot from the dropdown. Read the article here on setting up work order locations. 


Important: If you do not want a customer to see the note printed on their Work Order Receipt, you must check the box for Internal Note.

In order to save your notes, you must select a status for the work order. Click New and select the appropriate status. For more information about creating statuses, see the article here


Public notes that will print on Work Order Receipts will appear white in the Notes section. Internal notes that will not be printed appear in pink.


Delete notes by clicking the red trashcan icon.


Additional Information

Here is where custom fields for additional information will appear for your Work Orders. To see how to add custom fields see the documentation here. These fields only print on receipts if selected enabled when created.


Work Order Checkbox Groups

If you have a set of steps or tasks that need to be completed for types of work orders, you may want to add a checklist. You can add an existing checklist by clicking Change Group. 


Select any and all groups that are relevant to your work order.


The selected lists will now appear in the work order. For information on how to create a work order checkbox group, see the article here.



This is a record of everything that’s been done to a work order since it was created.


Edit a Work Order

To edit a created work order, return to the main work orders page.

Find the work order that you want to change in the queue and click Edit to the left of its name.

The individual work order page will open. The following fields can be edited immediately:

  • Technician
  • Estimated Repair Date
  • Estimates
  • Parts & Labor
  • Notes
  • Images
  • Files
  • Additional Information Fields

If you want to change the customer name or the item being repaired, select Edit Sale in the top right of the screen.

This will open the Edit Sale screen. Here you can:

  • Change the customer name
  • Email the customer receipt
  • Change the employee
  • Write a comment that can appear on the receipt

Click Save when done with changes.


Delete a Work Order

To delete a work order navigate to the Work Orders main feature page.

Once the page opens, locate the work order you want to delete and click the checkbox to select the row. You can select multiple rows if you want to delete more than one work order at a time. Above the work orders list, there will be an option to Delete the work order.

A popup will confirm you want to delete the information, click OK to delete the work order.



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