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As part of the deliveries feature, PHP POS allows you to complete sales with orders set aside for in-store pickup. This feature allows you to schedule a date and time for the pickup and keep your inventory up to date as you wait for a customer to get their order.

In-store pickups can only be created inside of a sale. Before you use the in-store pickup feature, it may be helpful to understand delivery categories and statuses so that you can organize your pickups and easily keep track of them.


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Create an In-Store Pickup

To make an in-store pickup, you first have to add a customer to a sale. See the documentation here on adding customers to sales.

Once the customer has been added to a sale, there will be the option for Delivery directly under the customer information. Once all items have been added to a sale, click Delivery.


This opens the Delivery page on the Delivery Method tab. Select In-Store Pickup under the first tab.


There are several fields of information for setting up an in-store pickup, none are required.

Expected Pick-Up
This field lets you enter the date and time you expect the customer to pick up their order. Click inside the field to see the calendar and clock feature, see the documentation here for more details on how to select dates and times.

Delivery Comment
This provides an area for any important notes about the pick-up to be recorded.

Clicking this field will show a dropdown of all of the delivery statuses you have created for your stores. For more information on managing delivery statuses, see the documentation here.

Clicking this field will show a dropdown of all the categories you have created for your deliveries. For more information on managing categories for deliveries, see the documentation here.

This dropdown has 15 minute time increments to choose from starting with 30 minutes and up to 40 hours.


Managing In-Store Pickups

Updating, editing and deleting in-store pickups follows the same process as deliveries. See the article on deliveries here for how to handle changes and manage in-store pickups.

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