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Series Items & Redeeming Series Purchased

Chris Muench
Chris Muench
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In PHP POS we have a series item. A series item allows a customer to buy a pack of items/services that can be redeemed within a period of time. A good example is a massage pack of 10. You could buy the pack and redeem over a period of time and our system will allow this to be tracked easily.

Settings up a series item:

To set up an item to be sold in a series you would check the box "Sold In a Series" when setting up your item. You will then put in how many are in a series and how long they need to be used in before they expire.



Redeeming a Series:

1. When a customer comes in to redeem a series you will want to track this. In order to do this you would go to the customer's module click the "..." and choose "redeem series".


2. Then you can find the series you want to redeem and click "Redeem"


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