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Tracking commission is an important part of many businesses. Fortunately PHP POS has an easy and flexible way to set this up.

commission hierarchy

Commission settings can be specified at a global level, employee level, and even the item level.

Item level commissions take precedent over Employee level commissions. Employee level commission settings take precedent over Global level commissions.

Note: Commission can be based on the selling price or profit of an item.


Setting up commission

The first step in setting up commission is deciding how it applies to your business.


global level

If everyone has the same commissions you just need to setup at the global level. To do this go to Store config/settings and set the following

"Commission Default Rate (Percent Commission Is Based On The Selling Price Or Profit Of An Item)"


Commission Default Rate in Store Config

"Commission Percent Calculation Method:" (selling price or profit)


Commission Percent Calculation Method in Store Config

Once this is set up, all employees will receive commission based on these settings.


Employee Level

If your business has different commissions per employee; you can set these same settings on the employees edit page.


Click edit

Scroll to Commission Default Rate...


Item Level

And finally if you have particular items/item kits that have no commission or different values you can set these values on the item level. NOTE: item level commissions apply to everyone at the same value.

Now you are ready to track commissions. The reports to show commissions can be found at Reports --> Commission.

It is that EASY!

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