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Supplier Store Accounts

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Setup of Store Accounts

Store Accounts are used to allow to track supplier's accounts with the store

To enable this feature to Store Config/Setting and check the box "Supplier Store Accounts:"


Enable Supplier Store Accounts Setting


Using Store Accounts

Once enabled a new payment method "Store Account" is added to the payment list in the receivings module:


The store account balance will be noted on the supplier attached to a receiving:


To add a payment to a store account simply add items to a receiving, select a supplier, then add a payment method of store account. After completing the sale their balance will display on the receipt


Paying on a store account

Store accounts are not any good if you cannot pay down the balance; fortunately paying a store account is easy.

To do this, go to the receivings register and simply the "register mode" to store account and then select a customer. Then enter the payment amount and method and complete the receiving. A receipt will be shown and the balance displayed on the receipt.


change mode to Store Account Payment


add a Customer

Complete the transaction similarly to how you would with a receiving. Click Pay next to a receiving transaction and then complete receiving.


Complete transaction


Store Account Reports

You can run store account reports just like any other report. There are 3 of them: Detailed, Summary and Statements. These reports are similar to Customer Store Accounts and can be emailed to the Suppliers.

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