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Recurring Charges

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Note: In order to use recurring charges, you have to have CoreCLEAR set up for your store. See the article here for more information.

Recurring charges are when a customer is automatically billed for an item on a regular interval.



To set up recurring charges, you first need to set up the charge information for an item. In the left menu, click Inventory and then Items.

If you need to create a new item, see the article here on basic item setup before using the steps below.

To edit an existing item, click Edit next to the item name.  

Click the Pricing tab at the top.


Scroll down and check the box for Is Recurring Charge.

The actual amount charged as the recurring fee is the Selling Price. If there is an initial fee for starting the charge, enter that in the Startup Cost. Use the dropdown to select how often the charge will be applied in the Interval field.

Select what day of the month, or interval, you want the charge to occur on in the Day Number field. In the example above, a user will pay an initial 5 dollar startup cost for the subscription and then pay the selling price amount every 10th of the month.

Click Save in the bottom right to save your changes to the item.

You can add a recurring charge item to a sale the same way you do a regular item. When selling a recurring charge item, you must have a customer attached to the sale.

After adding a customer, a Credit Card must be used to make a payment.

Your original sale, and each recurring charge, will create a sales receipt in the system as if it was a normal sale.


Managing Recurring Charges

To manage recurring charges, click Customers and then Subscriptions in the left menu.

At a glance, you can see the status of a charge.

  • Current - the credit card is up to date and the user will be charged as scheduled
  • Failed - there is a problem with the credit card on file
  • Canceled - a credit card has failed three times and the subscription is now canceled

To update a subscription, click Edit.

You’ll see the next payment date and have the option to update the charge information and payment method.

When you’re done, click Save to keep your changes.


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