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SMS Integration with Twilio

Chris Muench
Chris Muench

PHP Point Of Sale now integrates with Twilio for sending SMS messages and receipts to customers.

To enable this you must for signup with Twilio


Once you have signed up you would need to enable your account to send SMS. Once signed up Twillio will provide a phone number, SID, and Auth Token.


This information would be entered into PHP Point Of Sale --> Locations --> Edit


Once this information is put into PHP POS you are ready to start using SMS!


To create a message to send to one or more customers navigate to the customer's module and check the box(es) next to the customer(s) you want to send a message. Then click the Send SMS and type your message


If you want to SMS receipts you would simply check the Send SMS button next to a customer that has a phone number during the sale.

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  • Comment author
    Michael John


    Will this integration allow for MMS or Images attached to the SMS?

    I have contacted Twilio and they have referred me back to you to ask how the integration was set up in PHPPOS as to the ability to send MMS or SMS?


    Thank You

  • Comment author
    Chris Muench

    It currently does not


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