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Quickbooks Online Integration

Chris Muench
Chris Muench

Quickbooks online is a popular accounting application provided by Intuit. PHP POS can be configured to sync end of day information such as cost of goods sold, overages and shortages, and taxes, and sales to QuickBooks online as a journal entry.

The process to set this up is pretty straight forward

  1. Login and go to store config
  2. Search or scroll to Quickbooks section
  3. Click the connect to Quickbooks online button
  4. Login to QuickBooks and authorize php point of sale to access your account
  5. Click "Sync"

Setting up automatic syncing

To setup automatic syncing for a php pos cloud account; please submit a support request

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  • Comment author

    i don't see quickbooks under our store config

  • Comment author
    Chris Muench

    We are rolling out to our cloud over the next couple of weeks to ensure stability for all. Once this is done QB will be available.


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