Buying and Selling in Differnt Quantities



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    Chris Muench

    Item kits would be best way to do this. In reguards to loaf issue you would still need to do by slices as you can’t have a kit inside a kit

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    Sharon Delo

    In regards to the kit inside a kit issue,  In our business this is possible.  Is this something you will change in the future?

    We are a manufacturer of products.

    We have raw materials, each with a PartNo (level-1),  Numerous level-1 partnos become another PartNO (Level-2)  and then the Final Partno (level-3) is created from several level-1 and/or level-2 Partno.. When Level-2 is built it removes the level-1 product from inventory.  When level-3 is built it removes level-2 and sometimes level-1 from inventory.  When Level-3 is sold it removes Level-3 from inventory.

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    Chris Muench

    So you want to embed kits inside kits correct?

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    Nigel Allen

    That would be fantastic - it's just a regular Bill of Materials. We would so use that feature.

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    An indented  Bill of Material would be helpful. I have to have multiple kits and sell them to make the one thing I am selling, a group of items.  This works fine if you have Features & Options and no Phantoms but is a bit of a pain to keep up with.

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