PHP Point Of Sale

Items are the most important entity in PHP POS as this is what you are selling in your store. In this document we will describe how items work.

Item Lookup

There are 5 ways our database looks up Items.

These are:

  • Item Name
  • Product ID
  • Item ID
  • Additional Item Numbers

1. By Item name

Simply search for an item by name from the sales interface and it is added


This field is unique per item and can be used to add an item to a sale. This is often used if a barcode for a product already exists


Find Using UPC/EAN/ISBN:

3. By Product ID

The product id field is generally used as a company wide naming scheme to lookup products

Enter a Product ID

Edit Item information

Edit Item information

Find using Product ID

4. By Additional Item Numbers

You can also attach many arbitrary item numbers that relate it an item if they don't meet the criteria above.

Additional Item Numbers

Additional Item Numbers

Setting the Selling Price and Cost Price

The cost and selling price are two important pieces of information for an item.
The difference between the cost price and selling price determines profit. Make sure you set both of these values when adding an item.

Other Important Fields:

1. Item Has Serial Number

Checking this box for an item has 2 effects; the first being that a serial number field will appear when adding an item and second when adding the item to a sale it will NOT be grouped with the same item.

New for 15.1

You can now add Item Serial Numbers to an Item and define different prices for each serial number

Item Serial Numbers with prices (optional)

Item Serial Numbers with prices (optional)

2. Allow Alternate Description

This allows for a different description for an item to be typed when adding an item

Bulk Edit

You can edit items in bulk by making a search and then selecting the items you wish you edit. When you have selected the items you wish to edit click bulk edit:

Click "bulk edit"

Click "bulk edit"

You can then edit the fields by all at once:

Deleting Items

You can delete Items from the Items module by selecting the items you wish to delete. a delete button will appear at the top of the items table.

Delete button

Delete button

Clean Up Old Items

The "Clean up old Items" makes the Item Name, Product ID and UPC/EAN/ISBN fields available for reuse since these are the only fields that are generally assigned by a user. The Item ID is an auto incrementing id number create by the database engine.