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Forget your Admin Password?

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Password Reset

For Security reasons even we cannot recover your admin password. If you forget your admin password there is no way to recover it. You must reset it. Below describes the steps you must follow:


Automated Password Reset

If you set up any email settings within the application there is a Reset Password link on the login screen. You can put in your username/email on this screen and you will be e-mailed a reset password link.


Click "Reset password?" and follow the instructions

Didn't Receive an email?

If you don't receive an email this usually means you did not have an email address on file for the employee and/or store within the application and you will have to follow the Manual Password Reset instructions below.


Manual Password Reset

If you cannot get the reset password to work using the above method, then you will need to manually access database and change password.


1. Go to phpMyAdmin:

How to obtain username/password for phpMyAdmin if forgotten

1a. If installed on windows navigate to:
C:\Program Files\PHP Point of Sale Stack\apps\phppos\htdocs\application\config



1b. If installed on Mac navigate to:
Macintosh HD/Applications/phppos/apps/phppos/htdocs/application/config

1c. If installed on linux navigate to:


2. Open up database.php in that folder in a plain text editor

Locate the following:

$db['default']['username'] = 'YOURUSERNAME'; 
$db['default']['password'] = 'YOURPASSWORD';

3. Your username and password to login to phpMyAdmin are in inside the single quotes.

Take note of these and login to phpMyAdmin using these credentials

Once into phpmyadmin select your database on the left side of the screen. (if you used installer it is called bitnami_phppos. Then click the phppos_employees table. Then find the user you want to reset password for and edit the password field by changing the value to:


4. Now you can login using password pointofsale

Please make sure you have your email address up to date for the employee and you have set a store email address on store config.

If you are unable to figure this out, please contact and request a teamviewer session. (Remote access). Teamviewer can be downloaded at the below link

Get TeamViewer

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