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Item Variations

Item variations is New for version 16.0

You can now add attributes to Items and create Item Variations.

An example of an attribute is "size" or "color". You can setup color and size or any attributes you wish to make for an item and create as many variations as you want.

You can even attach an item number to a specific variation so it can be scanned easily. (Or use our auto generated barcodes). In addition to this you can define cost price, unit price, and promo prices for each variation as well as Inventory quantity, Reorder Levels, and Replenish Amounts.

Creating Attributes

From the items screen click "..." --> Manage Attributes

Manage Attributes

Manage Attributes

From here you can setup your attribute name and values:

You can make as many attributes and values as you need

Creating Variations

Once you have created attributes; they will become available for use by items. To create a variation you would create a new item OR edit an existing one.

Once you have opened your item; you would choose variations at the top of the item screen

From here you can select attributes and add them to the item.

Once you have added them to the item; you can create variations by searching for the attributes that make up the variation and filling in the fields

Once you have created the variation you can manage pricing and inventory per variation

Item Variations