PHP Point Of Sale


Manage and schedule deliveries

New Deliveries module

in version 15.2 we added a deliveries feature that can help you manage deliveries

1. Store Config Setup

shipping providers

Shipping providers and rates will show up as options when adding delivery information to a sale.

shipping zones

using shipping zones is optional. if you define them it will try to match the correct tax group and delivery zone fee to the delivery based on the zip code of the shipping address

2. Adding a Delivery to a Sale

Add a customer to a sale, then click the delivery button:

Then fill out the delivery information:

Once saved it will add the Delivery Fee Item to the sale and the Delivery button will be "checked"

You will see the delivery address on the receipt:

3. Managing Deliveries

Calendar Views

Monthly View:

Weekly view:

Daily view:

List Views

from the list view you can update delivery status information including delivery dates. When you add dates it changes the delivery status automatically you can override the status by manually changing this:

Manually changing delivery status:


Manage and schedule deliveries